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Foods that Can Increase Height

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Having an ideal body is a dream for everyone. Less height can be a major obstacle to having the ideal body. Height is often a problem for most people. Height less often hinder you to achieve the ideals that you dream about a case of military, police, flight attendant, steward, models and others.

If you have a height below the average this can be caused by genetic factors. If your family has a height above average height, but you have the less it may be caused by poor nutrition factor.

Therefore, you should consume foods that contain calcium, protein, zinc, vitamin D and others. Because if you do exercise it is still less than the maximum in order to have a body that is high enough. Therefore in need of food can add height.

Here are some foods that can add height:

Fish or fish oil is very good for brain growth and development process. In fish oils are a variety of good nutrition for bone growth. But the fish is good for the growth process such as tuna and salmon. Consumption of tuna and salmon every day for one week, and feel the change that you experienced.

Yogurt and milk
Sources of calcium and vitamin D one of them is of yogurt and milk. Maybe when you have a height below the average when your family member has a height proportional. This can happen because as a child you are deficient in calcium and vitamin D.

Begin eating milk twice daily, but if you get bored. Every day of the week can be replaced with yogurt mixed with fruit, just once a day. In addition to Sunday still drink milk twice a day for maximum results.

Foods that can increase the height further, namely by consuming eggs. Eggs are a high source of protein that is very good for bone health. Good mature eggs, soft-boiled eggs or raw eggs have good content. But if you do not like the smell you can consume enough mature eggs three times a week.

Tofu and tempe
Tofu and tempe is made from soy foods. Soybeans contain high protein which is good for bone health. Consumption of tofu or tempe every day is very good for bone health. So that your body will grow taller naturally well.

Vegetables that have a lot of fiber such as spinach is very good for the health of the digestive system. Besides spinach also contains iron and zinc are good for bone growth. Interspersed spinach in your diet, but if you are not too fond of spinach, you can replace it with a banana.

Bananas contain vitamin D, potassium and calcium is good for bone growth. The consumption of bananas after a meal helps the digestive process better. At least two pieces per day to gain a rapid body growth.

That's the food that can increase height quickly. Foods that can increase the height quickly as above if consumed routinely and regularly in three weeks the results will be optimal. Avoid activities to stay up and avoid smoking, you can also add a food supplement if you like it. Regular exercise such as swimming, basketball and skipping order to maximize results.

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