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Practical Ways to Remove Bitter Taste In Pare

Hearing the words pare or pariah probably will in your mind is a vegetable that has a bitter taste. Pare or pariah is one of the plants that have a bitter taste incredible, but the bitter taste is not dangerous to eat. From the bitter taste that makes its own sensation when eaten. But the addition behind a bitter taste in plants pare has benefits that are very important for health is very good for treating jaundice, cleanse dirty blood, malaria, kill cancer cells in the body and digestive.

So because of that lucky for those who already love to eat foods that taste bitter. Although the benefits of bitter melon crop itself very much, but the plant is not a lot of people like it because the bitter taste of the bitter melon plant. The following will be given a few tips to remove the bitter taste in pare. The explanation is the following!

Practical Ways to Remove Bitter Taste in Pare

Lamellar Clay
Pare is one vegetable that has a bitter taste incredible, but the bitter taste can be overcome by using a slab of clay. The way this one done by many rural communities, to remove the bitter taste. The trick is quite easy once you cut pare according to your taste, then prepare clay  then mix in pare. Then knead up to one, then rinse with clean water. Only then can you cook according to your tastes.

The second way to eliminate the bitter race on the pare addition to using ground slab, you could also use salt. The way you can directly wringing pare that have been cut with a mixture of salt about 15 minutes. After that you can silence for a while before you wash it off with clean water. Besides it can by soaking in salt water for 15 minutes and rinse  clean water,

Using sugar does not vary much by way of using salt. Squeezing pare with using sugar may help sap pare quickly. Hence pare will be not bitter anymore. But by using sand in removing the bitter taste is not very effective sometimes will affect the taste of the sweet melon which become so when in the mask becomes more like candied vegetables. So this is very rarely done by the community.

Using Leaves Guava
In this way certainly is not foreign anymore and already many who do it  my mother at home too often relieve on pare using guava leaves. The trick, Pare and guava leaves washed beforehand boiled simultaneously until they wilt, then add just enough salt to accelerate the process of removing the bitter taste of the bitter melon. After the all clear, then pare wash with clean water and wring it out until that moment pare rough and can be cooked with flavor that is not bitter anymore.
Many explanations on how to practically eliminate the bitter taste of the bitter melon. Hopefully with the explanation in this article can provide useful information related to how to process pare well. 
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