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How To Prevent Allergies Back in Natural

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Some people have allergies that often recur disturbing activity. The allergy can vary as a dust allergy, allergy air, food allergies, allergic objects, fur allergies and others. Therefore if you have allergies but you should know how to prevent allergies back naturally.

So that makes the body considers that those things that can make allergies as a foreign object so that the body will secrete excessive raeksi such as allergies. Allergy according to scientific understanding is an immune disorder or hypersensitivity can occur due to failure of the body in immune processes so that the body becomes hypersensitive to immunological content contained in these objects.

Make someone when touching or consuming such objects will overreact because these objects are considered foreign and dangerous by the body that cause symptoms such as itching, rash, redness, even tightness and coughing. These symptoms if not immediately addressed will cause many fatal symptoms should require medical assistance by.

Here's how to prevent allergies back naturally:

Consuming onion and garlic
By eating onions and garlic more in order to avoid a recurrence of your alaergi. Onion and garlic rich in quercetin, an antioxidant that can prevent cell histamine release.

Histamine is a local organic nitrogen compounds involved in the immune response of the body. The immune system of allergy sufferers will react when exposed to allergens or substances while consuming the substance alegen.
A recent study states that people who suffer from the symptoms of allergies have allergic reactions marker levels were quite low. However, after they were kissing lips, then the marker will increase the reaction. Hereinafter in this case to do with the family as the little sister or mother to daughter and father to son.

Drinking green tea
How to prevent allergies further back naturally by drinking tea regularly hjau. Besides good for health and beauty of green tea can also treat allergies. Researchers from Kyushu University in Japan said Green tea contains compounds EEGC. The compounds in green tea may block the production of histamine and IgE produced by the body when allergy recurrence. Drink green tea warm immediately when symptoms of allergy appear, then the allergy symptoms will soon disappear.

Consumption of vitamin C
For allergy sufferers should consume vitamin C is indeed more. Because vitamin C is an antihistamine that has been scientifically proven to be good for relieving allergies naturally. Consume 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C each day to help keep allergies do not recur.

Cleaning the house
Every time you enter the house, you will bring dust and pollen into the house, which can cause allergic symptoms (for those allergic to dust and dirty air). Try to wash the feet and hands before entering the house. Sweep and mop the floor every day to your home protected from dust that can make your allergy recurrence.

That is the way to prevent allergic back naturally you can do. You can do way back naturally prevent allergies as above so allergies do not come back. Would not it be better to prevent than to cure, if you are more loved your health then do as above routinely and regularly for your health recover.

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